Thursday, May 4, 2017

Green, green grass of home...

Home for the remainder of May at Worlds of Fun Village, Kansas City, Missouri 
      It was great sleeping at the rest area near Grainfield, Kansas.  We had the entire picnic loop to ourselves with the semi-trucks parked in the lot behind us.  In fact, it was so cool and so quiet, and we were all still adjusting to the time change, that the dogs let us sleep until nearly 8 a.m.  

Cleaning the road salt from the windshield in Greenfield, Kansas

      We had hoped to get on the road early, but by the time we had walked the dogs, eaten breakfast, cleaned the salt from the windshield, and caught up on email, we didn't get on the road until around 10, and had nearly 340 miles to cover since the wind had delayed us the prior day.  We hoped to reach our campground in Kansas City before rush hour, or by 5 p.m. at the latest, when the office closes.

      It was interesting to watch the change in scenery.  We started out with some snow here and there on the ground on the relatively flat high plain.  Oil pumps and windmills at first dotted the landscape. Gradually we began to see more hills, more trees, dirt roads, farm equipment, grain elevators, cattle,  barns, grain silos and rolls of hay.  Before long, we noticed how green were the fields and trees, and occasional ponds turned into streams and lakes.  The highway cut deep into the limestone and flint hills and the fields are plowed and awaiting their crops.


    Valerie captured a few barn photographs, but with the sun shining there is lots of glare on the windows which interferes with her fun.  Also she was driving and missed photos of the buffalo and hay roll which someone had made into a snowman.  Signs indicated we had entered 'The Bible Belt'.

      We again fought the wind and the occasional construction zone.  The cost of the Kansas Turnpike on I-70 was $7.50 with our five axles.  We had heard there was lots of flooding in Missouri.  As we approached Kansas City, GPS wanted to send us through the city and then north, but we opted to head north on I-435 and cut across east on Highway 152 (Barry Road), to get to our destination, Worlds of Fun Village with the least traffic.

      George washed the windshield for the second time, and together we put up the exterior sun shades.   The Gorilla Tape held for the most part, and we'll need to get a technician out right away to replace our slide covering.  Until then, we're living without our biggest slide-out.  We're a little tired from the trip and will need to head to the store in the morning.  The weather right now is perfect.  But Kansas Citians will tell you if you don't like the weather to wait ten minutes.  We're here for a few weeks, so we'll just wait and see!

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