Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Almost Good-bye to Golden

Flame juggler/cliff diver at Casa Bonita in Lakewood, Colorado

      Monday, May 2, with temperatures in the 40's overnight and climbing steadily into the 50's, the snow was nearly melted by mid-morning.  George hurried over to the Subaru dealership in nearby Lakewood to get the warning indicators checked out.  Apparently some 'gunk' had built up in the engine which was flushed and the car is now good to go again.  Customer service even sent him home with some beautiful carnations for Valerie.

      Valerie accompanied George on his next run to Camping World, conveniently located just a few miles from the Dakota Ridge RV Park where we have been staying, for a replacement windshield wiper blade for the Monaco.  We bit the bullet and paid the $63 nightly rate (even with our Good Sam discount) to extend one night while we wait on completion of an embroidery project we dropped off late last week.

       George has been craving a Smash Burger ever since he saw one when we arrived, so we stopped for a late lunch and shared a barbecue bacon cheese since we anticipated dinner out. 

      Valerie's daughter had recommended a place, also in Lakewood, Casa Bonita, http://casabonitadenver.com.  It turned out to be a fascinating place with a 30' waterfall, cliff divers, musicians, a gift shop and an arcade.  There are a couple of 'Gringo' items on the menu, but Mexican was the primary fare, served with complimentary sopaipillas and fresh honey.

      They require everyone over 2 years of age to purchase a meal, so of course, we over ate.  There are no to go boxes, probably since many of the menu items are all you can eat, but they did provide some foil so Valerie could take home nearly half her fajitas.  

      The restaurant was beautifully decorated and it was nice that we visited on a Monday when the long interior lines were almost empty.  The shows alternated every fifteen minutes or so, and we were entertained in a delightful atmosphere while we dined.  

      Hard to believe we will be back on the road day after tomorrow.

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