Sunday, April 30, 2017

Thawing and Getting Out

Dakota Ridge RV Park in Golden, Colorado
      We awakened to blue skies and a chilly 31 degrees in Golden, Colorado this morning.  George walked the dogs and slipped on a frozen spot, but fortunately did not injure himself.  The sun came out and temperatures began to climb.  The trees suffered the weight of the heavy snowfall, and lots of icicles hung from various parts of RVs around the park.

Heavy snow wreaked havoc on the trees.

      Mid-morning Valerie noticed the electrical power was out.  We scrambled around and finally figured out the culprit -- the battery cut-off button near the entry door must have been accidentally bumped when bringing in the dogs at some point.  Shortly after 1 p.m. we checked above the slide-outs and decided after nearly 44 long and all too cozy hours, we could finally deploy our four slide-outs and have a lot more room to spread out.

Icicles everywhere!

      The car required some scraping, and we did suffer a small leak once the slides were put out, apparently from the heavy snow melting off the roof.  But, with temperatures reaching the mid 50's, it didn't take long for most of the snow to melt away.

Going, going......

       We took off for a dinner meeting with instructor, Asher Haun, and his wife, Sylvia.  Asher has done a great job teaching for the RV Driving School for several years in nearby Fort Collins.  We enjoyed great conversation and dinner at Outback Steakhouse in Longmont.  

      The plan was to stop in Boulder approximately ten miles away to exchange some items with Valerie's daughter.  We didn't get far out of Longmont until the 'Check Engine' light came on in the Subaru along with the flashing 'Cruise' light.  George stopped and checked the gas cap and added some oil, but the indicators persisted.  Looks like we will need to get the car in for service before we head out.

Downtown Denver

      Current temperature is at 46, so it doesn't look like we'll need to be concerned about water freezing.  We can rest comfortably tonight. 

After dinner with Sylvia and Asher Haun in Longmont

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